French Quarter Living Ft. Breana Turner


What does, French Quarter Living mean to you?

Breana- "French Quarter Living to me, is living in love, culture, and history. The century-old Caribbean style buildings, the beautiful history, and the people that represent the soul of the city make it a unique place to live. Living in the New Orleans area, you can't help but go to the French Quarters for one thing or another,  whether it's going to the festivals or just being around the beautiful, undeniable energy that surrounds the French Quarters. Though the French Quarter has this connotation of a "party lifestyle", you can't help but enjoy exploring the things and places that make it that much more special than other places. New Orleans has shaped me into becoming a positive, adventurous, happy, laid back person but at the same time has shaped me into the, go get it, woman that I am today...Baaaby!"

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