4 Go-To Date Night Outfit Trends!


We've all been there. Date night! Whether or not it's your first nerve-wracking date or a date with your long-term partner/spouse, there's always a sense of worry about what you're going to wear. You know you want to wear something that is true to yourself but yet you want to make a statement. Hopefully, with these four tips, I can be of some service in helping guide you in easing some of those fears.

keep reading to see what those four trends are.

Tip #1 - Dressy Casual

This tip can be used for first dates. The goal of this trend is to be balanced. You want to be stylish but relaxed. Send the right vibe by choosing something dressy but not too formal. You can wear a nice stylish skirt; a flare or A-line and a cute top. Heels not too high; appealing, and comfortable enough for walking, just in case your date activities call for it. Color-wise, if your color is black, by all means, incorporate.

Tip #2 - Boho

When I think Boho I think Braids, wavy hair, or a fro. A pair of flare jeans or pants and a cute oversized sweater. You can always take those things and tailor them to you. This is the time to have fun with your look. For a true Boho look, you can embrace bold colors- reds, oranges, browns, and yellows. Go for it! If you are more of a dress or skirt girl, go for a flowing piece. Something lightweight. My personal style for a boho look would involve this skirt from Shein and a cute white or cream halter top. I'd also pair it with my lace-up heels. Let's remember, I am a minimalist, so this outfit would be perfect for me because it gives that boho color vibe without overdoing it.

"This is the time to have fun with your look."

Tip #3 - Bold and Edgy

Now, you can rock a bold and edgy look whenever you want especially if that's your style but if you're a girl like me, you're open to all styles and usually dress for the occasion. I personally would wear this trend when going on a concert date. A leather jacket and some cute Doc Martens will always say, "edgy" to me. You can't ever go wrong with skinny jeans and a classic rock tee. I usually go to Target or Walmart for a T-Shirt like this.

Tip #4 - Tomboy

For those more relaxing dates, this trend will keep you stylish and comfortable. This is the perfect time to wear your T-shirts, baggy jeans or pants, hoodies, tracksuits, and sneakers. You can even go as far as graphics tees. The best thing to remember is that even though you are going for a true tomboy look, try to add in some feminine touches. For example, if you are wearing baggy jeans, wear a more fitted top.

Don’t Forget...

In the end, the only thing that truly matters is keeping true to yourself and making sure to incorporate your own style into any of these looks and you'll look amazing! Now go out and have some fun!


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