5 Basics You Need In Your Closet

We've all heard the saying, "Getting back to the basics." What does that mean? According to Merriam-Webster.com, the meaning of this saying is to return to a more straightforward way of doing something or thinking about something. With clothing styles constantly changing, it's always a good feeling to know that you can go to the basics and still be "in style."

1) White T-shirt

The first basic piece is one I know you've heard of before. The classic white tee. I love this basic piece simply for its versatility. Whether it's a Fruit Of The Loom Crafted Comfort Tee or a Timeless Crew-Neck T-Shirt from Banana Republic, you can always make a white tee look fashionable.

One simple way to dress up a white tee is with a lovely necklace and a pair of hoops or studs. If it's cooler, wear it with a light jacket and heels. You can always wear blue jeans for the bottoms, but if you're going for an edgier style, black skinny jeans or leggings will do. For my Boho ladies, try flare jeans and a bulky sweater (if the weather calls for it).

2) Little Black Dress

I know, I know! UGH! The little black dress. But this one is true. It's been a go-to for women for years and years. The little black dress can work for all skin types and body types. Yes, colors are fun, but there's something about the classic LBD! It's simple yet can be elegant and sexy. And no worries, if color is your thing, a black dress is a perfect base for you to rock a bright color.

Let's get into this cute dress I found on Amazon. I'm usually a body con girl (we'll discuss why in a later blog), but until recently, I'm learning to love a good flare dress. This mini dress is a v-neck which gives it that sexy element; it has long sleeves, ruffles for a fun flare, and a waist tie to extenuate my shape and, most importantly, my butt! It's everything I love in a good dress. It's sexy without having to show off too much or make me feel like I'm 18 and going to a club.

I can go on and on about this dress, but I want to wrap it up with what I paired it with. Along with learning to expand my comfort zone with clothing, I realize I can add color without overdoing it, and that can mean a little splash here and there with the pair of heels I choose and my purse. With this dress, I decided to wear a pair of yellowish/goldish, gray, and black color block heels from Chinese Laundry Los Angeles. These were an old pair that I don't think are on the site anymore, but I found a pair on Poshmark. I also found this adorable American Football purse on amazon for 39.99 that matched perfectly. It was also a good buy because it's the color of my hometown's professional team. So I will get some use out of it.

3) Dark Wash Jeans

Since we've all had to experience the stay-at-home order during COVID, some of us (me included) have developed a love/hate relationship with Jeans. I mean, a pair of leggings or tights are so much more comfortable, but we all know we can't live in leggings forever, right? Jeans are here to stay!

Dark wash jeans are a go-to classic because, as all the other pieces mentioned, it's versatile. Whether you're a skinny jeans girl, a relaxed fit girl, or a flare jean girl, keep a pair of dark wash jeans because it's much easier to dress than other wash styles. You can pair dark wash with a light-colored top or dark-colored top, and either way, it just fits. What brand would I suggest? I'm a sucker for a bargain, so I usually shop either Shein or Fashion Nova for my jeans, but when I feel like I want to splurge, I'll go for a pair of Levis. As far as fit, I typically go for skinny jeans. If you are looking for an excellent and fast way to get and try on jeans when you buy online, try Amazon! For prime members, there is a try before you buy, where amazon sends you the clothing piece at no charge upfront, and you get to try on the clothes, and if you like them, you pay then. If you don't, you have seven days to return at no charge. It's also two-day shipping which is another big perk.

4) Jean Jacket

So for this one, I've had to realize that this piece is a classic, and I better get used to it. For a while, I got rid of the must-have jean jacket beaus I thought it wasn't something that was a classic, but I mean, I couldn't stay away! Jean jackets, dark or light wash, can help you relax an outfit. It's simply cool. The way it makes you look and feel it's badass! You can pair a jean jacket with a casual dress, jeans (yes! jean on jean), or a skirt. Wear it when you have on some heels or a cute pair of sneakers. You can't go wrong with a jean jacket in my opinion. Old Navy is a great place to get jean jackets for a reasonable price. Levi's, once again, is always an excellent place to shop anything jean-related.

5) Classic Pumps

Okay, so I get it. Not everyone is fond of heels, and high heels at that, but this type of shoe can take any classic jean, skirt, or simple outfit and turn it into high fashion. To be honest, if high heels aren't your thing, you can opt for a smaller heel. The choice is yours, but my personal choice is a classic pump. I have a few different pairs in my closet, but my go-to has to be these light tan pumps I got from Aldo. They are a nude color which is easy to pair with different colors.

In the end...

Everyone's five basics can look a little different. Still, the primary takeaway besides my opinion on the five classics you need is whatever your classics are, wear them with pride and confidence. Know that even in a white tee and some blue jeans, you can demand attention and turn heads in a room full of women who are dressed up. My classic pieces are pieces that have proven to be, for lack of a better phrase, "old faithfuls," and I hope that they will become yours as well.

Until next time,

Love Ya!


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