Festin' In The French Quarters!

Experience the French Quarter Festival for the first time since COVID from a local!

Welcome to one of the best times of your life. This blog is solely for my festers. The Luxe Babes who don't mind being in large crowds, eating a bunch of amazing foods, and vibing out to local music acts. This post is for the Luxe Babes who love a good festival. The French Quarter Fest is one of New Orleans's biggest and oldest festival celebrations and is back after being canceled because of COVID.

What is The French Quarter Fest?

The festival has also won multiple awards, including the best local festival, best large festival, and best food festival." -Radseason.com

The French Quarter Fest is a festival that started in 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It's all about the food, music, and culture. Held in the historic French Quarters and along the river, you experience what New Orleans is. The festival is held in the springtime during the festival season and is usually a four-day event. The actual event is free but if you attend, make sure to bring cash because the vendors are not, and you will have to pay to experience that part. Oh! And the music is also free and in abundance, with different stages throughout the French Quarters.

What to expect...

Like I said above, you will be exposed to a lot of culture such as music, dancing, food, art, people from all over but most importantly the locals. It's a pretty big festival, so be prepared to walk in comfortable shoes. There is a bag check at the entrance, so I'd think again if you were thinking about bringing outside drinks or glass bottles. Ice chests and tents are not allowed, but you can if you want to bring a few portable chairs or blankets. I opted to bring a blanket to sit in a grass area.

The French Quarter Fest is the biggest of the festivals in New Orleans. Crowds are usually pretty huge, and since this is the first #frenchquarterfest in two years, crowds over the four days were massive. So, if big crowds aren't your thing, but you still are thinking of attending I would just keep the crowd thing in mind. For my parents, if you have milk, bottles, and other baby necessities, you are exempt from the rules; the security will inspect your items to ensure they are safe.

My Experience!

"One of my favorite festivals to attend, but its even more special this time because this may be my last one for a while."

First of all, let me start by saying I've been to a few #FrenchQuarterFest in my lifetime; being that I am from New Orleans and like other events in the city, I've over the years drawn tired of them, but for some reason when I am attending a city event, the closer it gets, the more excited I am and I have to try and find something to wear lol! But that can just be the shopaholic in me.

Anyway, this past weekend, I attended the festival with my PNC (Partner in crime), My cousin, Dana ( the owner of kokoannscentedcandles.com ). We initially thought about riding Blue Bikes down from my house but instead decided to get a ride close enough to the area. We were dropped off on Royal Street and began festing. Anytime I'm on Royal Street, I love stopping by Glitter Box. This place is so cute and has art and merchandise created by locals. They are also great for festive accessories.

Once we did some window shopping there, we continued through the quarters to the riverfront. We explored the vendors, stopping first for yummy cocktails at the Specialty Cocktails booth. I got a drink called Sea Breeze. It was vodka and cranberry but let me just say, they were not shy about pouring the liquor. My drink was so strong I had to go back and ask them to tweak it a little. Listen! I love a good cocktail that will have me feeling good, but I'm still a lightweight! On the other hand, Dana went for her old faithful, which was the Margarita.

After getting our drinks, we headed on to scope out the food vendors. This part can be overwhelming, and it was for us- a couple of locals. We tried a few different spots like Mrs. Wheat's Pies, where we had the Crab and Artichoke Mini Pies and the Crawfish Mini Pies, and we tried Plum Street Snowballs, but the one I most enjoyed was Theaudric's Real Clever Cuisine. There I had the Charboiled Jerk Chicken With Lamborgni Rice.

The last thing we did was find a spot to listen to some music. We were able to catch four different stages where we sat down to vibe out. The first stage was the Jack Daniels Stage, where we listened to an artist that, coincidently enough, we saw live before, Named, Nayo Jones. She is really talented. The second stage was the Chevron Stage, and we were able to dance a little to some zydeco music by Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble (SIDEBAR: I secretly LOVE Zydeco Music). The stage where we stayed the longest was the Abita Beer Stage, where we listened to a beautiful singer Erica Falls. On our way out, we lucked up and heard Charmaine Neville, who is my neighbor and is such a sweet lady in real life. She is also a fantastic performer and singer! The crowd was so lively.

Now that we were full of food, music, dancing, laughter, excellent weather, and an all-around good time, we were ready to head home. Just as we did coming in, we walked through the quarters to a spot outside of the quarters where we caught our ride back home, and we rested! Once you've been to enough festivals and big events in the Quarters you know walking to or from a place outside of the Quarters is always a better option in order to skip the traffic.


Now I know crowds can be scary, especially after having to stay in smaller circles and to ourselves for over two years because of COVID, but try to remember not to let that detour you from getting back out there. It's festival season and I think going out and enjoying life is important and what better opportunity to do that than a festival in New Orleans. If you're out of town and looking for a perfect time to visit, I say do it for French Quarter Fest or any other spring-time festival! The weather is nicer during this time, and the vibe is always a good one! Next year this award-winning festival is scheduled for April 13-16, and I highly recommend you try to attend!

Love y'all!


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