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Identifying Your Body Type

Though there are many different types of body shapes out there, there are a few body types that are more common. Let's talk Body Types!

What are the different types of body shape?

  • pear

  • Apple

  • Rectangle

  • Hour-Glass

  • Petite

  • Tall Body


  • Upper body: you usually have a neat torso with narrow shoulders.

  • Lower body: your lower half is larger than your top half.

  • Mid section: you tend to have a small waist.

Pear shapes are the most common shape of all but it is important to know that though this is common, pear shapes are not all the same. Celebrate your tiny waist and neat torso. Rejoice in your womanly curves and your bootylicious bum. Your silhouette is easy to dress and a fun shape to make look sexy!


  • Upper body: usually has a wide back and a large chest and has nice arms.

  • Lower body: you have slender legs.

  • Mid-section: you tend to have a rounder tummy.

Some of the most confident sexy women are Apple shaped. For Apple shaped women, your extremities are your best features. For your shape, it is important to wear the right bra because, how good you look is dictated by where your boobs are. If you’re worried about your tummy, don’t fret or wear oversized clothing! You are beautiful and you need to celebrate your body with what you wear!


  • Upper body: usually have long torsos.

  • Lower body: for your height you may have short legs.

  • Mid-section: your hips and shoulders tend to be the same width as your waist.

A perfect example of a “rectangle” shaped body would be Nicole Kidman. Rectangle shape woman are usually tall, slender, and sleek.


  • Upper body: your body shape usually goes out at the bust, in at the waist, and out at the hip and the thigh.

  • Mid-section: waist is often crowded with The bust, so the torso looks shorter.

For this shape, no matter your dress size, the thing to remember is proportion. The Hour glass shape is a classic sexy body shape and is very popular today. The trick with hour-glass shapes is to bring the eye out at the curves and then in again. The pencil skirt or a Body-con midi dress is the perfect garment to help you celebrate your curves. Just make sure these pieces are fitted at the knees.


  • upper body: anyone 5’4

  • Lower body: often this body type has small feet

Petite usually is referred to for height. Petite women can be any combination of the other body types mentioned with the exception of tall body. A few key tips to make you look taller try to dress in one color or in varying shades of the same tone, as this lengthens what the eye sees. Try wearing heels, they are the most obvious way to make you look taller. Just make sure to avoid ankle straps all together. Ankle straps shorten the look of your legs.

Tall body

  • Upper body: 5’9 or taller. You inseam is 32” or longer

  • lower body: long legs

The best tops for tall body types are blouses ( these tend to have longer cuts that fit longer torsos), and v-necks( show off that beautiful neck line). The best type of dresses are midi dresses because the half skimming hemline accentuates your legs and wrap dresses. Wrap dresses are universally a flattering style that creates shape on top.

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