Lewa Nails: The New Press On Nail Company Every Fashionista Should Know About!

Are you a Luxe Babe who loves a banging' full set or manicure? Are you a Luxe Babe who also loves versatility with quickness and/or loves staying on top of the current nail designs but doesn't love damaging your natural nails? How about trying pres-on nails!

What Is The Scoop On Press On Nails?

Press-on nails are acrylic nails that you can apply to your natural nails with either a type of tape or nail glue. Press-on nails have become all the rage because of their versatility. They can last you one day for a couple of weeks, depending on how you apply them and your decision to change them for another design or take a break from the faux nails.

About The Brand

Lewa Nails is pretty new. Started by Allegra Trenice 2020, Lewa Nails is making a statement in the nail world. In 2021, Allegra quit her corporate job to take on her business full-time. The mission of this brand is to create beautiful nails at an affordable price. Allegra started Lewa Nails because she loves art and drawing as well as contributing to women's confidence by offering them beautiful nail designs.

My Lewa Nails Review!

Okay! Now for the part you all have been waiting on. The review!

I came across this nail brand from an old high school friend. She dm'ed me this brand's post on Instagram about becoming an ambassador. I instantly responded to the ad. The next day, the owner Allegra messaged me and asked a few questions, and I was approved. Let me say, working with this boss babe has been super easy and exciting.

Allegra asked me what I usually like when it comes to design and shape and asked that I send some screenshots of some ideas. If you know me, I am a nude color girl all the way. I usually go for a classic white or, like I said, solid nude, or I opt for the french tip. So, I got a few pics of those designs and mentioned that I like a square, coffin, or an oval shape. Not too long for the length, but I'm always willing to try something new at least once.

She took what was sent to her and created a design made just for me. I loved that she drafted up a plan and sent that to me first for me to approve. I thought that was such a neat way to keep me in on the design process from start to finish.

Shipping from Lewa Nails was fast and through the USPS. Once I received my nails, I was so excited to wear them, but I had to wait for an upcoming content day the following week.

I must say opening my package from Lewa Nails was super exciting. The packaging was adorable, and I loved everything that came with it. Inside I received a handwritten note from Allegra and a few of her business cards. One thing that I appreciated was how easy the care card was to follow! It was informative but straight to the point, which was good because I'm always for quick, easy-follow directions. Also included, were an alcohol wipe, nail file, nail glue, and a little cuticle nail pusher—everything I needed to turn my nails from drag to fab in this nail kit.

The quality of the nails is also A1! They lasted me for about a week before I was ready for a break. I'm currently looking for my next design so I can order from this brand because I love their nails so much!

While I didn't have to go through Etsy for this order, I got to check it out, which was also user-friendly. But if you run into trouble, I'm sure Allegra wouldn't mind answering any questions via message or helping to walk you through any website issues.

The price for these nails is also something that I thought was on point. A custom nail set starts at twenty-two dollars. Okay, so yes! It's not the cheaper eight-dollar press-on nails you get from the drug store or Walmart BUT let's not forget you are shopping with a small business when you shop with Lewa Nails. I think that you are getting so much for the price, and you still come out cheaper than going into a nail salon.

My Final Thoughts...

If you're looking for a way to save some money and do your nails at home rather than at the salon, I think this is a product you need to try, but I believe this brand is one you also need to try and support.

Press on's have become my new obsession, and Lewa Nails as a brand has now found a space in my heart. Oh! And before I forget, this brand is woman-owned and black-owned!

If you have any questions about the Press-On that I didn't answer, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below OR head to Lewa Nails' Instagram and shoot them a DM. While you're there, please give them a follow as well!


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