My Morning Skin Care Routine


You should not be missing one-morning ritual, and that's your morning skincare routine! Trust me, your skin in the later years will thank you. I can admit it's not that intricate when it comes to my skincare. I am a girl's girl, but I am low maintenance when it comes to most things. Shamefully but also un-shamefully, my skin falls under that umbrella. For me, it's the simple fact that I don't have the time or patience to spend a great deal of time on my skin. With most things in my life, I like simple yet effective and if you're like me, read on to see what my morning skincare routine consists of.

I enjoy taking care of my skin, but at the same time, I don't care to spend a lot of time doing so. I am a woman who works full-time and blogs part-time, all while still trying to have a social life, so I need my morning skincare routine to be simple. That's what I need, and that's what I'm sticking to these days...simple. I use a facial cleanser, a facial brightening scrub, followed by a soy moisturizer for my face. For my lips, I go in with organic rose-infused oil. When it comes to the rest of my body, I am stuck on two products that I swear by! Not only me but my best friend who has a mild case of eczema. One item is the rose-infused oil I use on my lips, and the other is an unscented whipped shea body butter. As an extra tip, I use SheaMositure Papaya and Vitamin C Revive and Brightening Bar Soap for soap. A mouth full, I know.

I am a woman who works full-time and blogs part-time, all while still trying to have a social life, so I need my morning skincare routine to be simple.

Let's get into these products and why I choose these specific ones.

Facial Skin Care

My body is very important to me but what people see first is my face, as do yours! I mean, duh. So naturally, that would be the part of my/your body that you would tend to most. As stated above, I use a facial cleanser, a facial brightening scrub, followed by a soy moisturizer. The facial cleanser I prefer and usually use first is Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser from Johnson & Johnson. I like this product because it's oil-free, but it doesn't completely dry my skin out. I also feel so refreshed after using this cleanser. It gives my face that invigorating feeling I need first thing in the morning. After I cleanse my face, I go in with Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. For me, this product is excellent for tackling my uneven skin tone. Because it's a soft scrub, it exfoliates - getting rid of dead skin and leaving me with smooth skin. Once I've cleaned my face with the washes, I let my face air dry a little before applying my last step. The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Face Soy Moisturizer - SPF 15.

You want to use a moisturizer that will give you soft skin and protect you from the sun, so for me, this product is key. This product is that extra oomph my face needs to get that flawless, refreshed look. I purchased all three of these items at my local CVS. For the icing on the cake, I use one of my favorite products, the Organic Rose Infused Hair and Body Oil from Kokoann Scented Candles, for my Lips. Firstly, this oil is made by a black-owned small business, so that's a plus. Next, it does work. This oil boost collagen formation, protects against sun damage, reduces inflammation from eczema and psoriasis, and helps reduce scars and fine lines. So in all actuality, you can use it on your face, which I have done from time to time, but I mainly choose to use it on my lips.

Full Body Skin Care

Like many of you, my shower time is my time to get my thoughts together. I go over what I have planned for the day, say my affirmations, and pray. But it's also the time I use to care for my skin. After I care for my face, I hop in the shower. My new obsession is the SheaMositure Papaya and Vitamin C Revive and Brightening Bar Soap. You can get this soap from your local Walgreens, or you can get it from ULTA. I'm sure you can find it in any store this brand is sold, but those two places are where I've personally purchased this product from. Since using this product, I have seen a difference in the discoloration of my skin. Most noticeably along my bikini line. I have suffered from razor bumps and dark spots for a while due to not properly taking care of my skin. Just in a month, my spots have become less noticeable. Now, full disclosure, this soap does tend to dry my skin a bit, but these following products add what the bar of soap takes away.

The two products I use after a shower and to add moister back into my skin are the rose oil mentioned above and the Unscented Whipped Body Butter from the brand Kokoann Scented Candles. This body butter leaves my skin feeling soft and silky like oil. It also gives my body that lustrous shine I love. There's also the fact that this body butter is rich in antioxidants and contains fatty acids and vitamins A, B6, C, D, and E. It improves skin elasticity, increases collagen metabolism, and helps with eczema and psoriasis (as does the oil). It is also anti-aging and non-comedogenic. I like to use these two products together, but you can use them separately.

I know that many people won't agree with my skincare routine. It's on the shorter side, it's simple, but it's best to remember that this routine is what works for me, and when searching for a skincare routine for yourself, you have to keep that in mind. Find what works best for YOU.

Please share with me your skincare routine below!


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