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Tips For Nutrition!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

By Christian Gobert


We hear it ALL the time Nutrition and exercise are everything when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving those health goals. Welp...I hate to break it to you that is a fact. If you aren’t consciously making healthier meal choices and making an effort to move your body in some way at least 30 minutes a day, reaching those health goals is going to continue to be the struggle! BUT! It doesn’t have to be!

There are so many ways that we can make healthier decisions and it can start with simply subbing out our favorite foods with healthier versions. I call this having your cake and eating it too...literally!

In this blog I’ll talk a little bit about my wellness journey and what practices have really helped me stay on track and if I’m being completely authentic get BACK on track all the many times that I do fall off.

My first tip is to find healthier versions of the recipes and meals that you love! This is easier than you think trust me! Pinterest is going to be your best friend when searching for these alternatives. There are so many other people and creators out there that are passionate about balanced lifestyles and eating that you are sure to find a recipe that suits your needs and is less processed or calorie-dense than your favorite meal. Simply start by searching “healthier alternatives” or “healthier versions (insert fave meal here)” and you’ll find lots of options to try out!

My second tip is portion control. If there is one thing that I’ve learned in my time as a health coach is it’s not necessarily WHAT you are eating, but it could be HOW MUCH you are eating of that particular food type. I invested in some handy dandy color-coordinated portion control containers that are gold when it comes to meal prepping and plating! Check them out here!

My third tip is to start making home-cooked meals a priority. I know, I know...this sounds like a lot of time and effort if you arent’ already used to cook, but it is so worth it in the long run! I actually recently started using a meal delivery service called Hello Fresh to cut back on the time and effort it took to put together meals and y’all! It is a lifesaver. I highly recommend looking into a meal delivery service option that suits your budget!

Wellness is a lifestyle, not a destination so it’s so important to give yourself grace when you are navigating these changes. I know for me, I’ve gone months where I’ve felt out of wack and just couldn’t get back on it, but as soon as I start implementing those tips back into my life I slowly, but surely find the will to get back on my nutrition and start back into a routine. I would highly suggest if you have not already established a wellness routine and you are just getting started, to focus on your nutrition 100% before trying to dive into an extreme workout routine. Start by implementing those tips and finding a groove that works for you in the kitchen and then starts adding in movements like walks, yoga, or even a 30-minute at-home cardio session.

You know your body best, so when it comes to starting a new wellness routine make sure you are listening in, and if you need a little extra bit of accountability or more information, feel free to follow me on IG @gleauxbychristian or reach out via email at and I’ll be happy to connect with you! Let’s gleaux together, ladies!

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