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Hello there Luxe Babe! Pour your drink of your choice, put on your comfy clothes or robe and come hang out with me! I want to welcome you to my fashion and lifestyle blog. My goal of this blog is to have a space where the everyday girl such as myself can come to read and hopefully learn about today's fashions and lifestyle trends.

OK! So, I know I called you a Luxe Babe. Let me just say that being a Luxe Babe is a good thing. You may ask, "Jonté! what or whom exactly is a Luxe Babe?" well...A Luxe Babe is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, knows exactly what she needs, and isn't afraid to go after it. I think that we all have a bit of Luxe Babe in us and my hope is that through this blogging site you will get to see that in yourself, if you haven't already.

Just like I stated in my Bio I started Luxefashionloft.com about three years ago and it was a online women's boutique. I guess you can say I was/am a fashion buyer because I bought wholesale and resold those pieces. I've always loved fashion so this was perfect for me. But as I got into the business more the more I loved the way the clothing pieces made women and myself feel. I also did a little blogging here and there about different lifestyle topics and had a few guest bloggers . I began to love that aspect of the business a lot. So I thought I'd merge the two but focus a lot more on the lifestyle. Oh! did I mention that the motto of Luxe Fashion Loft is, "It's more than fashion, it's a lifestyle"? Yup. So it's a easy transition into this new journey.

I decided to keep the name Luxe Fashion Loft because in my mind I see this blog site as a place where if it were an actual loft you could come hang out with the girls, drink (or not drink), eat, and talk. A place we can talk about fashion, that trip we've been wanting to take, skin care tips, the hottest new spot in town, and other things.

So, without further or due, I present to you the new, Luxe Fashion Loft! I hope you enjoy!


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Feel free to reach out  if you have any comments or inquiries. My goal for the new Luxe Fashion Loft is to have a place where Luxe Babes can connect. I look forward to hearing from you!  

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