Your Go To Neutral Tones!

Ever walk to your closet and think, “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” Well, I hope that I can help curve that thought. Chances are, you do have something to wear; you just need a little help finding it. I’m more than sure you have at least one or two of these neutral colors in your closet, and if so, you’re good to go!

What Are Neutral Tones?

When talking about fashion, neutral tones are colors that lack or have small amounts of color. For example- any shade of black, white, gray, brown, or tan is considered neutral. You can also say that navy and olive are neutrals as well.

How to dress neutral tones.

Dressing in neutral tones is easier than you think. The most effortless outfit to put together would be a white t-shirt (v-neck shirts are my favorite) with blue jeans- try skinny cropped jeans. You can dress this simple outfit up with tan or brown heels and a cute neural tone blazer like tan, or if you want to keep it light, try a soft blue cardigan. As far as jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a simple gold necklace and gold hoops or gold studs. Finish it off with a pair of cool blue shades. (Meeting with the girls for drinks? Put a twist to the above by switching the jean pants for Jean shorts and a cute cream-colored button down.)

When talking about dressing neutral tone formal wear, like say, for a wedding, you can pair a dreamy pink or dusty rose color with a coffee color or brown/chocolate. I’m an earth tone, neutral tone type of girl, so my favorite color pallet to wear would be warm taupe, beige, green, or olive.

I’m pretty old school when it comes to dressing for a wedding, so I tend to wear something/colors that I know won’t take away from the bride. Neutral Tones is perfect for these moments.

Let's chat! Comment or share your favorite neutral tone to wear/pair together!


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