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  • Making The Switch From Regular Deodorant To A Natural Deodorant

    With my life going through a bunch of changes, I thought, why not go all the way and change a few lifestyle habits as well as products I use on my body and put into my body? One thing is my deodorant. Making the switch from regular deodorant to a natural one wasn't an over night decision. Nope! I've been wanting to make this switch for some years now but never had the guts to do so. Now you may ask, "Why would switching deodorant be such a hard thing to decide?” We'll my fellow Luxe Babe; it's because from what I remember, I have suffered from excessive sweating ever since I started wearing deodorant. Doesn't matter if I wear long sleeves, short sleeves, or halter tops. I produce a lot of underarm sweat. As a kid, teen, and young adult you can't imagine the embarrassment I struggled with, having to deal with big sweat stains and whatnot. So, when I found out about Antiperspirant Deodorant I was super happy! I remember the first brand I purchased antiperspirant from was Secret! The feeling that I could wear my long sleeve in the winter and not be worried about lifting my arms or taking off my jacket out of fear was such a relief. As I got older, I became more knowledgeable about the toxins these brands use to make these amazing confidence boosters happen. The most common chemical ingredients found in deodorant and antiperspirants are parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol, and aluminum. To find out that these products can cause cancer was always a scary thought that played in the back of my mind. But because I was younger and cared more about what people thought, I just kept wearing the antiperspirant. There was a time before when I tried to go natural with deodorant, but my sweating was out of control. So much so that I remember looking up information on yahoo about perspiring when using natural deodorant. Thats when I found out that our body has to push out or get rid of all the nasty, unhealthy toxins that were put there over the years. This process is called detoxification. So this is why I was sweating more than before, but I just couldn't be patient. I HAD to switch back. Fast forward to my adult years, having lived life a bit and getting into the headspace of not caring what other people have to say- I can say I was fully ready to commit to switching. My choice to go natural with my deodorant is a personal choice. A choice that I feel is best for me and my health. So what did I do? I grabbed my keys and headed to Marshalls where I found an end cap with a few different natural deodorants. Now moment of honesty. I didn't do any research ahead of time on what brand to get. I just got up while the mood was right, but once I arrived at the store, I began to look online to see what natural deodorant I should try. One brand that stuck out to me was Mario Badescu. The reviews on their official website as well as on was very helpful. What made me choose this brand deodorant was the reviews mentioning long lasting and good smell. That's also on top of the ingredients used. Mario Badesu Aluminum Free Deodorant is infused with cleansing sage, cucumber, and ginger root oils. This brand contains arrowroot, which keeps odor at a minimum and absorbs moisture, and coconut oil, which helps kill bacteria growth and reduces body odor. The formula also contains shea butter, which decreases bacteria build-up, nourishes the skin, and holds the deodorant mixture together. I have been using this brand for two months, and I've noticed that after about 6 hours, I did have some sweating, but it's also the summertime, and I'm sure that would happen if I weren't using natural deodorant. When that happens, if I'm able to, I just reapply, and I'm good to go. As far as general lasting time, some reviews mentioned 8 hours and some 24 hours. I guess it depends on what your body will allow. As I mentioned in my other blogs, in everything we do, everyone is different, and our experiences are as well. Now that we've talked mechanics let's talk price. Mario Badescu Deodorant is $14.00. More than what I'm used to paying for deodorant, but it was worth the buy for me. Now, if you are lucky, I know Marshalls frequently mark down items, so if you're there at the right time, you may get a deal on this brand. Though I have just started using this brand, I can say that so far, I am a huge fan. If switching to natural is something you have thought of doing, I definitely say go for it and when you do, try this brand and let me know what you think!

  • 4 Go-To Date Night Outfit Trends!

    We've all been there. Date night! Whether or not it's your first nerve-wracking date or a date with your long-term partner/spouse, there's always a sense of worry about what you're going to wear. You know you want to wear something that is true to yourself but yet you want to make a statement. Hopefully, with these four tips, I can be of some service in helping guide you in easing some of those fears. keep reading to see what those four trends are. Tip #1 - Dressy Casual This tip can be used for first dates. The goal of this trend is to be balanced. You want to be stylish but relaxed. Send the right vibe by choosing something dressy but not too formal. You can wear a nice stylish skirt; a flare or A-line and a cute top. Heels not too high; appealing, and comfortable enough for walking, just in case your date activities call for it. Color-wise, if your color is black, by all means, incorporate. Tip #2 - Boho When I think Boho I think Braids, wavy hair, or a fro. A pair of flare jeans or pants and a cute oversized sweater. You can always take those things and tailor them to you. This is the time to have fun with your look. For a true Boho look, you can embrace bold colors- reds, oranges, browns, and yellows. Go for it! If you are more of a dress or skirt girl, go for a flowing piece. Something lightweight. My personal style for a boho look would involve this skirt from Shein and a cute white or cream halter top. I'd also pair it with my lace-up heels. Let's remember, I am a minimalist, so this outfit would be perfect for me because it gives that boho color vibe without overdoing it. "This is the time to have fun with your look." Tip #3 - Bold and Edgy Now, you can rock a bold and edgy look whenever you want especially if that's your style but if you're a girl like me, you're open to all styles and usually dress for the occasion. I personally would wear this trend when going on a concert date. A leather jacket and some cute Doc Martens will always say, "edgy" to me. You can't ever go wrong with skinny jeans and a classic rock tee. I usually go to Target or Walmart for a T-Shirt like this. Tip #4 - Tomboy For those more relaxing dates, this trend will keep you stylish and comfortable. This is the perfect time to wear your T-shirts, baggy jeans or pants, hoodies, tracksuits, and sneakers. You can even go as far as graphics tees. The best thing to remember is that even though you are going for a true tomboy look, try to add in some feminine touches. For example, if you are wearing baggy jeans, wear a more fitted top. Don’t Forget... In the end, the only thing that truly matters is keeping true to yourself and making sure to incorporate your own style into any of these looks and you'll look amazing! Now go out and have some fun!

  • My Morning Skin Care Routine

    You should not be missing one-morning ritual, and that's your morning skincare routine! Trust me, your skin in the later years will thank you. I can admit it's not that intricate when it comes to my skincare. I am a girl's girl, but I am low maintenance when it comes to most things. Shamefully but also un-shamefully, my skin falls under that umbrella. For me, it's the simple fact that I don't have the time or patience to spend a great deal of time on my skin. With most things in my life, I like simple yet effective and if you're like me, read on to see what my morning skincare routine consists of. I enjoy taking care of my skin, but at the same time, I don't care to spend a lot of time doing so. I am a woman who works full-time and blogs part-time, all while still trying to have a social life, so I need my morning skincare routine to be simple. That's what I need, and that's what I'm sticking to these days...simple. I use a facial cleanser, a facial brightening scrub, followed by a soy moisturizer for my face. For my lips, I go in with organic rose-infused oil. When it comes to the rest of my body, I am stuck on two products that I swear by! Not only me but my best friend who has a mild case of eczema. One item is the rose-infused oil I use on my lips, and the other is an unscented whipped shea body butter. As an extra tip, I use SheaMositure Papaya and Vitamin C Revive and Brightening Bar Soap for soap. A mouth full, I know. “I am a woman who works full-time and blogs part-time, all while still trying to have a social life, so I need my morning skincare routine to be simple. ” Let's get into these products and why I choose these specific ones. Facial Skin Care My body is very important to me but what people see first is my face, as do yours! I mean, duh. So naturally, that would be the part of my/your body that you would tend to most. As stated above, I use a facial cleanser, a facial brightening scrub, followed by a soy moisturizer. The facial cleanser I prefer and usually use first is Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser from Johnson & Johnson. I like this product because it's oil-free, but it doesn't completely dry my skin out. I also feel so refreshed after using this cleanser. It gives my face that invigorating feeling I need first thing in the morning. After I cleanse my face, I go in with Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. For me, this product is excellent for tackling my uneven skin tone. Because it's a soft scrub, it exfoliates - getting rid of dead skin and leaving me with smooth skin. Once I've cleaned my face with the washes, I let my face air dry a little before applying my last step. The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Face Soy Moisturizer - SPF 15. You want to use a moisturizer that will give you soft skin and protect you from the sun, so for me, this product is key. This product is that extra oomph my face needs to get that flawless, refreshed look. I purchased all three of these items at my local CVS. For the icing on the cake, I use one of my favorite products, the Organic Rose Infused Hair and Body Oil from Kokoann Scented Candles, for my Lips. Firstly, this oil is made by a black-owned small business, so that's a plus. Next, it does work. This oil boost collagen formation, protects against sun damage, reduces inflammation from eczema and psoriasis, and helps reduce scars and fine lines. So in all actuality, you can use it on your face, which I have done from time to time, but I mainly choose to use it on my lips. Full Body Skin Care Like many of you, my shower time is my time to get my thoughts together. I go over what I have planned for the day, say my affirmations, and pray. But it's also the time I use to care for my skin. After I care for my face, I hop in the shower. My new obsession is the SheaMositure Papaya and Vitamin C Revive and Brightening Bar Soap. You can get this soap from your local Walgreens, or you can get it from ULTA. I'm sure you can find it in any store this brand is sold, but those two places are where I've personally purchased this product from. Since using this product, I have seen a difference in the discoloration of my skin. Most noticeably along my bikini line. I have suffered from razor bumps and dark spots for a while due to not properly taking care of my skin. Just in a month, my spots have become less noticeable. Now, full disclosure, this soap does tend to dry my skin a bit, but these following products add what the bar of soap takes away. The two products I use after a shower and to add moister back into my skin are the rose oil mentioned above and the Unscented Whipped Body Butter from the brand Kokoann Scented Candles. This body butter leaves my skin feeling soft and silky like oil. It also gives my body that lustrous shine I love. There's also the fact that this body butter is rich in antioxidants and contains fatty acids and vitamins A, B6, C, D, and E. It improves skin elasticity, increases collagen metabolism, and helps with eczema and psoriasis (as does the oil). It is also anti-aging and non-comedogenic. I like to use these two products together, but you can use them separately. I know that many people won't agree with my skincare routine. It's on the shorter side, it's simple, but it's best to remember that this routine is what works for me, and when searching for a skincare routine for yourself, you have to keep that in mind. Find what works best for YOU. Please share with me your skincare routine below!

  • Lewa Nails: The New Press On Nail Company Every Fashionista Should Know About!

    Are you a Luxe Babe who loves a banging' full set or manicure? Are you a Luxe Babe who also loves versatility with quickness and/or loves staying on top of the current nail designs but doesn't love damaging your natural nails? How about trying pres-on nails! What Is The Scoop On Press On Nails? Press-on nails are acrylic nails that you can apply to your natural nails with either a type of tape or nail glue. Press-on nails have become all the rage because of their versatility. They can last you one day for a couple of weeks, depending on how you apply them and your decision to change them for another design or take a break from the faux nails. About The Brand Lewa Nails is pretty new. Started by Allegra Trenice 2020, Lewa Nails is making a statement in the nail world. In 2021, Allegra quit her corporate job to take on her business full-time. The mission of this brand is to create beautiful nails at an affordable price. Allegra started Lewa Nails because she loves art and drawing as well as contributing to women's confidence by offering them beautiful nail designs. My Lewa Nails Review! Okay! Now for the part you all have been waiting on. The review! I came across this nail brand from an old high school friend. She dm'ed me this brand's post on Instagram about becoming an ambassador. I instantly responded to the ad. The next day, the owner Allegra messaged me and asked a few questions, and I was approved. Let me say, working with this boss babe has been super easy and exciting. Allegra asked me what I usually like when it comes to design and shape and asked that I send some screenshots of some ideas. If you know me, I am a nude color girl all the way. I usually go for a classic white or, like I said, solid nude, or I opt for the french tip. So, I got a few pics of those designs and mentioned that I like a square, coffin, or an oval shape. Not too long for the length, but I'm always willing to try something new at least once. She took what was sent to her and created a design made just for me. I loved that she drafted up a plan and sent that to me first for me to approve. I thought that was such a neat way to keep me in on the design process from start to finish. Shipping from Lewa Nails was fast and through the USPS. Once I received my nails, I was so excited to wear them, but I had to wait for an upcoming content day the following week. I must say opening my package from Lewa Nails was super exciting. The packaging was adorable, and I loved everything that came with it. Inside I received a handwritten note from Allegra and a few of her business cards. One thing that I appreciated was how easy the care card was to follow! It was informative but straight to the point, which was good because I'm always for quick, easy-follow directions. Also included, were an alcohol wipe, nail file, nail glue, and a little cuticle nail pusher—everything I needed to turn my nails from drag to fab in this nail kit. The quality of the nails is also A1! They lasted me for about a week before I was ready for a break. I'm currently looking for my next design so I can order from this brand because I love their nails so much! While I didn't have to go through Etsy for this order, I got to check it out, which was also user-friendly. But if you run into trouble, I'm sure Allegra wouldn't mind answering any questions via message or helping to walk you through any website issues. The price for these nails is also something that I thought was on point. A custom nail set starts at twenty-two dollars. Okay, so yes! It's not the cheaper eight-dollar press-on nails you get from the drug store or Walmart BUT let's not forget you are shopping with a small business when you shop with Lewa Nails. I think that you are getting so much for the price, and you still come out cheaper than going into a nail salon. My Final Thoughts... If you're looking for a way to save some money and do your nails at home rather than at the salon, I think this is a product you need to try, but I believe this brand is one you also need to try and support. Press on's have become my new obsession, and Lewa Nails as a brand has now found a space in my heart. Oh! And before I forget, this brand is woman-owned and black-owned! If you have any questions about the Press-On that I didn't answer, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below OR head to Lewa Nails' Instagram and shoot them a DM. While you're there, please give them a follow as well!

  • Mom And Me -A Mother’s Day Post

    Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate the woman or women in our lives that have raised us in one way or another. She may be the woman who birthed you, raised you, and/or just has been there to guide you in a motherly way throughout your life. In any instance, Mother's Day is a day for you to show them how much those mothers and mother figures mean to you! Yes, I know this post is a little late. Like a whole week late but hey, life has been life-ing (I know that's not a word) the heck out of me lately and it's better late than never, right? So, thank you for your good graces. Now, let's get into my Mother's Day experience! Ways Of Showing Love! “Sometimes the simplest things make the most impact in a person's life.” We all know that times are hard and for some, time and money have not been in abundance. But, We also know that at some point we need to put ourselves and our wants aside to show our loved ones they matter as well. I spoke with some of my friends which aren't many, to see what their plans were for their mom on mothers' day this year. One said, going to brunch at GW Fins. Another said, dinner at Emerald's. The last friend I spoke with said she was going to go and spend some time with her mom at home and maybe bring over some flowers. These were all great ideas and when I looked into the bottom line of all these ideas, it came down to time. Spending time. It didn't matter if it was at a fancy restaurant or home. At or big age, all moms want time. So, I took that notion and I planned a nice day at Café Du Monde in New Orleans City Park. Café Du Monde Okay, so if you're from New Orleans or have visited New Orleans, or have even heard of New Orleans, you know Café Du Monde and if you haven't...what the heck?! have you been living under a rock? HA! But in all seriousness, this place is the BOMB! A little backstory; Café Du Monde was founded in 1862 in the historic French Market. Its menu is simple, café au lait, black coffee, white and chocolate milk, cold drinks, or orange juice, and the main event, yummy beignets. Beignets are French-style doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. This place has so much history and has expanded over the years to malls and separate locations in New Orleans and surrounding areas. The location we visited as I stated above was in City Park. This area was the perfect Mother's Day spot and it doesn't hurt that it's budget-friendly! There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and free live music, which I'm sure was not a part of cafe du monde but just a local artist set up at the right time and place. But anyway, though I like the original location a lot because of all the history and its location in the quarters, I enjoyed the easy-going pace of this location. It seemed more family-oriented, which is great for my mom. It was the perfect location surrounded by old oak trees, greenery, and beautiful springtime flowers. Our experience “Café Du Monde is one of the most New Orleans thing you can do! ” Our Mother's Day experience at Café Du Monde was a great one. The parking was easy, free, and close to the café. The beignets and coffee were both lovely. The staff were so helpful and were quick to help with any request. And the music though I'm sure was not provided by the café was amazing. Very chill and laid back and not too loud so we could hear our conversation. There was a lady there with bubbles and other whatnots for children and the swing sets were not too far. This vibe made Mother's Day even more special. It was so good to see all the families and other mother-daughter duos enjoying the good food and weather! It was also a great feeling to be able to catch up with my mom and to hear her say how lovely of a time she had. We will be back for more at another date and time and I will also recommend you all try this location. Even if it's with your date, family, or a self outing. It's a peaceful and loving environment we all need to experience. Café Du Monde is one of the most New Orleans things you can do! Share Your Mother's Day Experience! Hey there, Luxe Babe! Now that you've read about my mom and I's mothers day experience, why don't you share yours? Use the comment section to share how you helped celebrate your mom/mother figure. Can't wait to read all about it! Love Ya!

  • Identifying Your Body Type!

    Though there are many different types of body shapes out there, there are a few body types that are more common. Let's talk Body Types! What are the different types of body shapes? pear Apple Rectangle Hourglass Petite Tall Body Pear Upper body: you usually have a neat torso with narrow shoulders. Lower body: your lower half is larger than your top half. Midsection: you tend to have a tiny waist. Pear shapes are the most common shape of all, but it is essential to know that pear shapes are not all the same though this is common. Celebrate your tiny waist and neat torso. Rejoice in your womanly curves and your bootylicious bum. Your silhouette is easy to dress and a fun shape to look sexy! Apple Upper body: usually has a broad back and a large chest, and has nice arms. Lower body: you have slender legs. Mid-section: you tend to have a rounder tummy. Some of the most confident, sexy women are Apple-shaped. For Apple-shaped women, your extremities are your best features. It is essential to wear the right bra for your shape because how good you look is dictated by where your boobs are. Don't fret or wear oversized clothing if you're worried about your tummy! You are beautiful, and you need to celebrate your body with what you wear! Rectangle Upper body: usually have long torsos. Lower body: for your height, you may have short legs. Mid-section: your hips and shoulders tend to be the same width as your waist. Nicole Kidman is a perfect example of a "rectangle" shaped body. Rectangle shape women are usually tall, slender, and sleek. Hourglass Upper body: your body shape usually goes out at the bust, in, at the waist, and out at the hip and the thigh. Mid-section: waist is often crowded with The bust, so the torso looks shorter. For this shape, no matter your dress size, the thing to remember is proportion. The Hourglass shape is a classic sexy body shape and is very popular today. The trick with hourglass shapes is to bring the eye out at the curves and then in again. The pencil skirt or a Body-con midi dress is the perfect garment to help you celebrate your curves. Just make sure these pieces are fitted at the knees. Petite upper body: anyone 5'4 Lower body: often, this body type has tiny feet Petite usually is referred to for height. Petite women can be any combination of the other body types mentioned, with the exception of a tall body. A few essential tips to make you look taller try to dress in one color or varying shades of the same tone, as this lengthens what the eye sees. Try wearing heels; they are the most obvious way to make you look taller. Just make sure to avoid ankle straps altogether. Ankle straps shorten the look of your legs. Tall body Upper body: 5'9 or taller. Your inseam is 32" or longer lower body: long legs The best tops for tall body types are blouses (which tend to have longer cuts that fit longer torsos) and v-necks( show off that beautiful neckline). The midi dresses are best because the half-skimming hemline accentuates your legs and wrap dresses. Wrap dresses are universally a flattering style that creates the shape on top.

  • Festin' In The French Quarters!

    Experience the French Quarter Festival for the first time since COVID from a local! Welcome to one of the best times of your life. This blog is solely for my festers. The Luxe Babes who don't mind being in large crowds, eating a bunch of amazing foods, and vibing out to local music acts. This post is for the Luxe Babes who love a good festival. The French Quarter Fest is one of New Orleans's biggest and oldest festival celebrations and is back after being canceled because of COVID. What is The French Quarter Fest? The festival has also won multiple awards, including the best local festival, best large festival, and best food festival." The French Quarter Fest is a festival that started in 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It's all about the food, music, and culture. Held in the historic French Quarters and along the river, you experience what New Orleans is. The festival is held in the springtime during the festival season and is usually a four-day event. The actual event is free but if you attend, make sure to bring cash because the vendors are not, and you will have to pay to experience that part. Oh! And the music is also free and in abundance, with different stages throughout the French Quarters. What to expect... Like I said above, you will be exposed to a lot of culture such as music, dancing, food, art, people from all over but most importantly the locals. It's a pretty big festival, so be prepared to walk in comfortable shoes. There is a bag check at the entrance, so I'd think again if you were thinking about bringing outside drinks or glass bottles. Ice chests and tents are not allowed, but you can if you want to bring a few portable chairs or blankets. I opted to bring a blanket to sit in a grass area. The French Quarter Fest is the biggest of the festivals in New Orleans. Crowds are usually pretty huge, and since this is the first #frenchquarterfest in two years, crowds over the four days were massive. So, if big crowds aren't your thing, but you still are thinking of attending I would just keep the crowd thing in mind. For my parents, if you have milk, bottles, and other baby necessities, you are exempt from the rules; the security will inspect your items to ensure they are safe. My Experience! "One of my favorite festivals to attend, but its even more special this time because this may be my last one for a while." First of all, let me start by saying I've been to a few #FrenchQuarterFest in my lifetime; being that I am from New Orleans and like other events in the city, I've over the years drawn tired of them, but for some reason when I am attending a city event, the closer it gets, the more excited I am and I have to try and find something to wear lol! But that can just be the shopaholic in me. Anyway, this past weekend, I attended the festival with my PNC (Partner in crime), My cousin, Dana ( the owner of ). We initially thought about riding Blue Bikes down from my house but instead decided to get a ride close enough to the area. We were dropped off on Royal Street and began festing. Anytime I'm on Royal Street, I love stopping by Glitter Box. This place is so cute and has art and merchandise created by locals. They are also great for festive accessories. Once we did some window shopping there, we continued through the quarters to the riverfront. We explored the vendors, stopping first for yummy cocktails at the Specialty Cocktails booth. I got a drink called Sea Breeze. It was vodka and cranberry but let me just say, they were not shy about pouring the liquor. My drink was so strong I had to go back and ask them to tweak it a little. Listen! I love a good cocktail that will have me feeling good, but I'm still a lightweight! On the other hand, Dana went for her old faithful, which was the Margarita. After getting our drinks, we headed on to scope out the food vendors. This part can be overwhelming, and it was for us- a couple of locals. We tried a few different spots like Mrs. Wheat's Pies, where we had the Crab and Artichoke Mini Pies and the Crawfish Mini Pies, and we tried Plum Street Snowballs, but the one I most enjoyed was Theaudric's Real Clever Cuisine. There I had the Charboiled Jerk Chicken With Lamborgni Rice. The last thing we did was find a spot to listen to some music. We were able to catch four different stages where we sat down to vibe out. The first stage was the Jack Daniels Stage, where we listened to an artist that, coincidently enough, we saw live before, Named, Nayo Jones. She is really talented. The second stage was the Chevron Stage, and we were able to dance a little to some zydeco music by Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble (SIDEBAR: I secretly LOVE Zydeco Music). The stage where we stayed the longest was the Abita Beer Stage, where we listened to a beautiful singer Erica Falls. On our way out, we lucked up and heard Charmaine Neville, who is my neighbor and is such a sweet lady in real life. She is also a fantastic performer and singer! The crowd was so lively. Now that we were full of food, music, dancing, laughter, excellent weather, and an all-around good time, we were ready to head home. Just as we did coming in, we walked through the quarters to a spot outside of the quarters where we caught our ride back home, and we rested! Once you've been to enough festivals and big events in the Quarters you know walking to or from a place outside of the Quarters is always a better option in order to skip the traffic. Inspired? Now I know crowds can be scary, especially after having to stay in smaller circles and to ourselves for over two years because of COVID, but try to remember not to let that detour you from getting back out there. It's festival season and I think going out and enjoying life is important and what better opportunity to do that than a festival in New Orleans. If you're out of town and looking for a perfect time to visit, I say do it for French Quarter Fest or any other spring-time festival! The weather is nicer during this time, and the vibe is always a good one! Next year this award-winning festival is scheduled for April 13-16, and I highly recommend you try to attend! Love y'all!

  • Your Go To Neutral Tones!

    Ever walk to your closet and think, “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” Well, I hope that I can help curve that thought. Chances are, you do have something to wear; you just need a little help finding it. I’m more than sure you have at least one or two of these neutral colors in your closet, and if so, you’re good to go! What Are Neutral Tones? When talking about fashion, neutral tones are colors that lack or have small amounts of color. For example- any shade of black, white, gray, brown, or tan is considered neutral. You can also say that navy and olive are neutrals as well. How to dress neutral tones. Dressing in neutral tones is easier than you think. The most effortless outfit to put together would be a white t-shirt (v-neck shirts are my favorite) with blue jeans- try skinny cropped jeans. You can dress this simple outfit up with tan or brown heels and a cute neural tone blazer like tan, or if you want to keep it light, try a soft blue cardigan. As far as jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a simple gold necklace and gold hoops or gold studs. Finish it off with a pair of cool blue shades. (Meeting with the girls for drinks? Put a twist to the above by switching the jean pants for Jean shorts and a cute cream-colored button down.) When talking about dressing neutral tone formal wear, like say, for a wedding, you can pair a dreamy pink or dusty rose color with a coffee color or brown/chocolate. I’m an earth tone, neutral tone type of girl, so my favorite color pallet to wear would be warm taupe, beige, green, or olive. I’m pretty old school when it comes to dressing for a wedding, so I tend to wear something/colors that I know won’t take away from the bride. Neutral Tones is perfect for these moments. Let's chat! Comment or share your favorite neutral tone to wear/pair together!

  • 5 Basics You Need In Your Closet

    We've all heard the saying, "Getting back to the basics." What does that mean? According to, the meaning of this saying is to return to a more straightforward way of doing something or thinking about something. With clothing styles constantly changing, it's always a good feeling to know that you can go to the basics and still be "in style." 1) White T-shirt The first basic piece is one I know you've heard of before. The classic white tee. I love this basic piece simply for its versatility. Whether it's a Fruit Of The Loom Crafted Comfort Tee or a Timeless Crew-Neck T-Shirt from Banana Republic, you can always make a white tee look fashionable. One simple way to dress up a white tee is with a lovely necklace and a pair of hoops or studs. If it's cooler, wear it with a light jacket and heels. You can always wear blue jeans for the bottoms, but if you're going for an edgier style, black skinny jeans or leggings will do. For my Boho ladies, try flare jeans and a bulky sweater (if the weather calls for it). 2) Little Black Dress I know, I know! UGH! The little black dress. But this one is true. It's been a go-to for women for years and years. The little black dress can work for all skin types and body types. Yes, colors are fun, but there's something about the classic LBD! It's simple yet can be elegant and sexy. And no worries, if color is your thing, a black dress is a perfect base for you to rock a bright color. Let's get into this cute dress I found on Amazon. I'm usually a body con girl (we'll discuss why in a later blog), but until recently, I'm learning to love a good flare dress. This mini dress is a v-neck which gives it that sexy element; it has long sleeves, ruffles for a fun flare, and a waist tie to extenuate my shape and, most importantly, my butt! It's everything I love in a good dress. It's sexy without having to show off too much or make me feel like I'm 18 and going to a club. I can go on and on about this dress, but I want to wrap it up with what I paired it with. Along with learning to expand my comfort zone with clothing, I realize I can add color without overdoing it, and that can mean a little splash here and there with the pair of heels I choose and my purse. With this dress, I decided to wear a pair of yellowish/goldish, gray, and black color block heels from Chinese Laundry Los Angeles. These were an old pair that I don't think are on the site anymore, but I found a pair on Poshmark. I also found this adorable American Football purse on amazon for 39.99 that matched perfectly. It was also a good buy because it's the color of my hometown's professional team. So I will get some use out of it. 3) Dark Wash Jeans Since we've all had to experience the stay-at-home order during COVID, some of us (me included) have developed a love/hate relationship with Jeans. I mean, a pair of leggings or tights are so much more comfortable, but we all know we can't live in leggings forever, right? Jeans are here to stay! Dark wash jeans are a go-to classic because, as all the other pieces mentioned, it's versatile. Whether you're a skinny jeans girl, a relaxed fit girl, or a flare jean girl, keep a pair of dark wash jeans because it's much easier to dress than other wash styles. You can pair dark wash with a light-colored top or dark-colored top, and either way, it just fits. What brand would I suggest? I'm a sucker for a bargain, so I usually shop either Shein or Fashion Nova for my jeans, but when I feel like I want to splurge, I'll go for a pair of Levis. As far as fit, I typically go for skinny jeans. If you are looking for an excellent and fast way to get and try on jeans when you buy online, try Amazon! For prime members, there is a try before you buy, where amazon sends you the clothing piece at no charge upfront, and you get to try on the clothes, and if you like them, you pay then. If you don't, you have seven days to return at no charge. It's also two-day shipping which is another big perk. 4) Jean Jacket So for this one, I've had to realize that this piece is a classic, and I better get used to it. For a while, I got rid of the must-have jean jacket beaus I thought it wasn't something that was a classic, but I mean, I couldn't stay away! Jean jackets, dark or light wash, can help you relax an outfit. It's simply cool. The way it makes you look and feel it's badass! You can pair a jean jacket with a casual dress, jeans (yes! jean on jean), or a skirt. Wear it when you have on some heels or a cute pair of sneakers. You can't go wrong with a jean jacket in my opinion. Old Navy is a great place to get jean jackets for a reasonable price. Levi's, once again, is always an excellent place to shop anything jean-related. 5) Classic Pumps Okay, so I get it. Not everyone is fond of heels, and high heels at that, but this type of shoe can take any classic jean, skirt, or simple outfit and turn it into high fashion. To be honest, if high heels aren't your thing, you can opt for a smaller heel. The choice is yours, but my personal choice is a classic pump. I have a few different pairs in my closet, but my go-to has to be these light tan pumps I got from Aldo. They are a nude color which is easy to pair with different colors. In the end... Everyone's five basics can look a little different. Still, the primary takeaway besides my opinion on the five classics you need is whatever your classics are, wear them with pride and confidence. Know that even in a white tee and some blue jeans, you can demand attention and turn heads in a room full of women who are dressed up. My classic pieces are pieces that have proven to be, for lack of a better phrase, "old faithfuls," and I hope that they will become yours as well. Until next time, Love Ya!

  • The Unconventional, Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day is a day we celebrate the love of our lives. We do the sweetest things to show how much we love them. We buy chocolates and flowers and reserve a table for two at the swankiest restaurant in town. If you're more budget-friendly and/or opting for a more intimate setting, you set up a nice little dinner at home. Either way, Valentine's Day is for lovers. Now, it's no secret the pandemic, everything has been altered and remodeled to fit "the new normal" and has kind of put a damper on a lot of special days. Mask, social distancing, budgeting because of layoffs or lack of pay, even simply celebrating a holiday or birthday has become mundane but let me just say, even though I too have found myself falling victim to this feeling, you have to push through. If COVID has taught us anything, it's that our relationships with our significant others and partners are super important. In my own personal relationship, we have always participated in Valentine's Day in the most typical way. But after COVID and the stay-at-home order, we were forced to improvise a bit. Last year I set up an intimate indoor picnic. I created a pallet on the floor using our comforter and blankets and placed pillows on the floor for seating. I used flirty lights to surround the picnic area and candles to set the mood. For dinner, I cooked a nice steak from our local grocery store and roasted a few potatoes and Brussels sprouts that we previously had from a past shopping. This year, we had a bunch of life-changing events all going on at the same time. With everything, Valentine's Day was last on our list. On the actual date, Feb 14, we spent our time painting and doing a few repairs to our house. Yup, that's right. No play time for us! But after thinking and processing, I had to talk with Gary. We had to make time for ourselves. We have been stressed with life that we can't forget to put US first. This is one day that is specifically put aside for love and we missed it. Good thing we are just going with the flow type of people! Gary planned a night out for us. Living in New Orleans is amazing because of the culture and amazing restaurants, even if you missed Valentine's Day you could still experience a romantic night out any night of the week. I was told to get dressed up, so I put on a sexy magenta dress from Fashion Nova, slipped on my heels from Steve Madden, and applied simple makeup to my face and I was ready to go. On top of the gorgeous bouquet of flowers I received, we had dinner at one of the best restaurants in NOLA, Shaya! This was a first for both of us and we were very impressed. We shared three starters and a main dish. The lamb was to die for! I definitely recommend if you ever visit NOLA or if you are local and looking for a cute date night. After dinner, we headed to another favorite place of mine, Ace hotel. This is a hip hotel that is fairly new to New Orleans. The cocktails are always yummy but I opted for a glass of red wine. while at the lobby bar we got the chance to watch and listen to some live jazz music. Valentine's Day is a day to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Even if you don't get the chance to celebrate your love ON February 14, that's okay. Just make sure you set some time aside to celebrate.