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Changing Your Home Decor, Season To Season

Play with colors, textures, and patterns

By: Dana Simmons


It’s a wonderful time to enjoy semi-warm days with hints of the cooler weather...if you are in New Orleans you know what I mean! As the seasons start to change, what better way to refresh your space than with transitional decor ideas to bring in the cozy elements to your space?

There are plenty of ways you can savor the season regardless of the weather outside. Personally, Fall has quickly become one of my favorite seasons. Transitioning my own space from summer to fall was easier than you think. I gradually incorporated unique textures and patterns such as greenery/ A few plants I purchased from Home Depot, and flowers- sunflowers being the most prevalent. With something as easy as flowers, you can create a gorgeous bouquet by simply filling a tall vase with sunflowers, or finding a vibrant rose bouquet to add more red tones to the space. My Favorite place to get glass vases is Whole Foods.

You can take the same initiative when changing from Fall to Winter. Effortlessly shift into the Winter Season by adding neutral grays and browns, as well as cool hues like sky blue and deep plum. Add a chunky knitted blanket to your favorite space accessorized with velvet and floral decorative pillows to boost chicness. Including a woven basket as an accent piece or texture with rattan, which can also serve as a great spot to place fresh florals, a current read, and your favorite Winter scented candle to create a cozy ambiance can also bring a simple, yet dramatic element. Being that I am the owner of a candle company, Kokoann Scented Candles, my go-to winter candles would have to be Chestnuts & Brown Sugar and Peppermint Mocha from the Winter Collection.

Whether you are transitioning from Summer to Fall or Fall to Winter, the best thing to remember is to relax and not worry or overspend, this should be something fun to do! You don’t need to spend a bunch to achieve a great look for your home. Adding and taking away a few pieces here and there is the goal. Don’t forget by simply adding a candle or room spray you can take any room’s ambiance to the next level.


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